李华清是中国具有创新思维与视觉美学的商业设计师,并提出将“商业色彩战略 ”与“ 包装聚焦策略”融入产品设计体系的成功实践者。十几年间,李华清的团队成功协助众多客户在零售终端创造了数十亿的商业净值。


Li Huaqing is a commercial designer with innovative thinking and visual aesthetics in China. He also puts forward the successful practitioner of integrating "commercial color strategy" and "packaging focusing strategy" into product design system. Over the past decade, Li Huaqing's team has successfully helped many customers create billions of dollars in net business value at retail terminals.

Accurate and unique analysis and positioning combined with international synchronization design concept and color strategy, make every design work of Li Huaqing can be finalized, and exceed customer expectations.

李华清 HenryLee

李华清(中国)设计机构 艺术总监 / 董事长